Stop Managing Vulnerabilities. Start Managing Cyber Risk.

Effectively manage risk to save your company time and money.

You're overwhelmed with vulnerability scan data.

Managing vulnerabilities is a never-ending task for you and your team.

Effectively manage risk to save your company time and money.

Get a clear picture of which vulnerabilities represent the most risk.

Effectively use limited resources. Eliminate the most cyber risk in your organization.

UBX Cloud is a technology services company and we have dealt with our share of product deployments. When the Security Vitals team implemented TARA, it was the most seamless platform deployment we have ever experienced, and it reduced our monthly mitigation efforts by 40%.

Steven Panovski
UBX Cloud

Did You Know...

Organizations that use the risk-based vulnerability management method will suffer 80% fewer breaches.
*Gartner, “A Guide to Choosing a Vulnerability Assessment Solution,” April 2019

Leverage predictive prioritization to deliver true risk-based vulnerability management with TARA.

How TARA works.

Scans your environment for vulnerabilities

Feeds dark web research into AI to predict and score risk

Associates identified risks with vulnerabilities and prioritizes what you need to fix

4 Steps to Achieving Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Understanding these four steps is critical to delivering results.

Stop managing vulnerabilities. Start managing cyber risk.

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